Bt21 Plushies & Stuffed Animal Toys

High Quality BT21 Plushies at Affordable Prices

Plushies coming apart at the seams, losing their vibrant colors, and fraying where they’re embroidered - sound familiar? We’ve all purchased poor quality plushies in the past. But you don’t have to settle for less with our premium quality designs. Our plushies are manufactured to the highest of standards, going through rigorous quality control practices. That’s how we guarantee exceptional quality that lasts.

Caring for Your BTS Plush Dolls

It’s normal for your BTS plushie to become dirty or dusty over time - that’s just the way things work! But if you want to keep it looking clean and pristine, then you might want to wash it every now and then. Wash your plushie in cool water and avoid harsh soaps, detergent, and bleach. Make sure to hand wash your plushie and avoid machine washing since it can damage the material and embroidery. Hang it out to dry, but try to keep it from excessive heat. Wash only as needed to help preserve its original quality.