Bt21 Keychains

Which BT21 Keychain is Right For You?

Are you on team Jimin or team V? Is there a specific band mate that you feel most connected to? A BT21 keychain would be the ideal, subtle way for you to express that extra attachment you feel to your favorite bandmate. If you love all the BTS boys, then why not collect all of their BT21 keychains? Our collection of colorful BT21 keychain designs gives you a variety of options to choose from.

The sturdy metal and vibrant colors are durable and stand well against exposure to sun and rain. Hang them on your bag zipper or use them for your keys. Whatever the case, our affordable, high quality BT21 keychains can be the perfect addition to your BTS merchandise collection. They also make great gifts for your KPOP-fanatic friends thanks to their reasonable cost and impeccable quality.

What is BT21

You’ve probably seen these cute characters around the internet once or twice before. These colorful creations were designed as a part of the LINE Friends’ Creators initiative. The LINE app - a popular messaging smart phone software - worked on the project with the BTS members, leading them to create these 8 cute characters. Each character was originally designed by of each BTS member, and the eighth was developed by LINE creators to symbolize A.R.M.Y.